"Jolis petits colibris" 35 X 27 cm © Catherine MUSNIER

par Musnier  -  30 Juin 2009, 16:11  -  #Les oiseaux exotiques

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Hello Catherine,Congratulations on your exhibitions.  Your work is very wonderful.  I really enjoy seeing it and remembering our times to at Salon d'Automne.  I hope everything is going well for you.  I look forward to returning to Paris but do not think it will this year.  My son and his wife will have a baby girl and I want to be here for them.  My work is going well and in addition to sculpture I have been painting quite a bit in pastels.  I hope you can understand my note in English and apolgize for not being able to write in French.  I am thinking of you and sending every good wish for your continued success with lovely work.  You are very talented and beautiful as well.  Best wishes, Fondly, A beintot,  Edith